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New York City


John Dassieu

    We were hoping to find in Chelsea an artist to manifest our time, our nascent and new sensitivity, essential to rescue contemporary art from the lies.  After weeks of inquiries, we came across the artist John Dassieu at One Gallery, and yes, his exhibition suggests that a shift in aesthetic sensibilities is under way!


    How, for so many years, could we have multi-million dollar artworks without obvious self-expression? Without the traces of the artist’s hand? Our times demand for change, for art with a universal message.


    A work of art, any work of art, is a particularity, an artist’s style is a vocabulary, the medium through which something is expressed. The more expressive the artist becomes, the richer the possibilities of that vocabulary turn out to be.


    With John Dassieu, the paintings have a universal vocabulary and their own message. All subject matter he undertakes differs from one another, and is painted with extreme accuracy: everything is there on the canvas, with the most impressive harmony. He demonstrates that a simple black stroke can express all the colors, all the tenderness, all the strength of the painted subject. And to our mind, the strongest pieces of art are the simplest.


    His paintings possess that feeling of ease, just like brushing with perfection. Paintings that speak to our soul. Paintings that test if precisely, we still have a soul… A soul that seems to keep no secrets from him. He says, “The sub-conscious achieves its work of art.” We don’t know about the sub-conscious, but what we know is that this artist will, one day, outshine the stars. Spreading the notion of humanity, he has the paintwork of the future, pure creation, and the essential, only the essential… 

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