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New York City


Jeff Koons

    Just like Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol before him, Jeff Koons has revolutionized the art world. Not only do some people not get it, but in not getting it, they also assume that they are being made to look like idiots. Koons asserts that he is “meeting the needs of the people” with his art. He is holding up a mirror to show what art looks like by grossly imitating the shallowness, perversity and emptiness of commercial society. He has made banality blue chip, pornography avant-garde, and tchotchkes into trophy art. “He has a vision that goes beyond his collectors”, says Gagosian. “It’s a huge vision, and it’s out there. But he connects the dots in one of the more interesting ways I’ve seen.” Jeff Koons is by no means a static artist, proven by his undying desire to incorporate all aspects of life into art. His ready-mades, though often discredited as true art, do however prove themselves an art form by the controversy they inspire. Koons seems to delight in the friction and irritation that his pieces provoke, as he continues to constantly challenge the system. His diversity in relation to medium and aesthetics keeps his work dynamic as he continues to keep his critics aggravated and annoyed. “I don’t think it’s important in any manner that things are difficult. In a way it’s almost against nature if something is difficult to make… I think when you have vision, you can make something. If you don’t have vision, you can have problems”, he says. 

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